Game Programming Level I & II(teens)

Learning computer programming at early age is an essential skill for children to develop as they grow up in a technology dominated era. Unfortunately, many young people with access to computers participate as consumers rather than designers or creators. These Game Programming Courses are developed to give younger students crucial technological skills while meeting their interests.

These instructor-led courses involve working on many hands-on examples and age appropriate projects in a classroom environment. Our instructors are highly trained subject matter experts with many years of experience.

In these courses, students will learn fundamental programming concepts while using creativity and imagination. Additionally, students will learn how to create animation and interactive computer games using Scratch, a visual programming language developed at MIT. This program allows students to develop and share their own stories and computer games. At the end of the courses, students will leave with practical technological knowledge while having fun using their imagination.

  • Enables young people to code their own interactive stories, games and animation
  • Helps kids to improve Computational Skills
  • Develops Problem-Solving skills at early age
  • Helps children become more fluent with Technology