Computer Basics

Student will gain the knowledge and skills required to identify types of computers, their components such as microprocessors, motherboard, flash drive, hard disk, Memory, Keyboard, mouse and Input / Output devices, and how the data is managed by a computer. Students will also learn to build a computer from scratch! They will learn to install a motherboard, use software to create background image, work with sound, eliminate viruses, and use different parts of the computer. This is an introductory course for student interested in building a computer, learning how computers work, interested in programming or learning to develop games.

  • Introduction to Computer
  • History of Personal Computer
  • Types of Computer, Parts of a Computer
  • Troubleshooting Problems in Your Computer
  • Taking Care of Your Computer
  • Identify Computer Risks and Safety
  • Tool for Improving Hard Disk Performance
  • Working with Windows
  • Creating and Managing Folder & Files
  • Using Sound Recorder, Using Speech Recognition
  • ASCII Code