Into the Woods: Writing Fantasy & Fairy Tales | Futurelink

In this themed writing course, kids will develop important writing skills and a love for writing as they create their own fantasy and fairy tales!  Each day, students will learn and implement a writing strategy from the fantasy genre.  Writing is the key to success in any field, this camp will help students to develop skills that will last a lifetime. 

Students will:
1.    Learn and deploy different narrative styles
2.    Learn how to write strong sentences and edit their own and other’s writing
3.    Develop the ability to write cohesively and descriptively
4.    Exercise their creativity and ability to express themselves


Required Materials: pencil, paper/notebook

Into the Woods: Writing Fantasy & Fairy Tales

  • Dates: June 8 - 13

    Days: M - F 

    Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm (Pacific Time)


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