Math in Action!

Our “Math in Action” teen math camp is created for students to discover how math can be applied to many different fields and to inspire and inform them about STEM fields of study and careers. The program assumes knowledge of basic high school math and will explore the many possibilities students have to utilize math in their future endeavors.


Students will explore topics, such as solving equations and inequalities, rational expressions, triangles and circles, and trigonometric functions. This camp will also provide students with firsthand practice of these topics relating to the fields of science, technology and engineering. 


At the conclusion of this camp, students will have gained:

  1. Mathematical applications in the fields of science, technology, and engineering
  2. Fundamentals of functions, equations, and systems of equations 
  3. Understanding of properties of triangles and circles and the usage of trigonometric functions 


Required Materials: paper, pencils, calculator

Math in Action!

  • Dates: August 10 - 14

    Days: Monday - Friday

    Time: 7:00am - 8:30am (Pacific Time)



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