Futurelink Pathway to Success

Junior Pathway to Success
4th-8th Grade $599

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High School Pathway to Success
9th-12th Grade $799

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 Pathway To Success Overview:

  • Futurelink is partnering with the iFusion Foundation and introducing Futurelink’s Pathway to Success for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students.
  • The program focuses on accelerating overall student success in areas of academic core skills, technology skills, and enrichment.
  • At the end of the pathway program, students will have the opportunity to participate in impactful community service projects.

Program Highlights:

  • Design your own learning experience
  • Hands on, interactive, concept-based workshops
  • 6 months’ unlimited access to all workshops
  • Free supplemental tutoring sessions
  • Flexible timing after school & on weekends
  • Academic, college, & industry readiness

Core Offerings

  • Academic Core: Math, Science, Biology(HS), Chemistry(HS), Language Arts

  • Technology Core: Game Programming, Web Design, Electronics, Microsoft Office Suite,Coding, Computer Basics

  • Enrichment Core: Interview Skills, Resume Skills, Communication Skills, Creative Writing Workshops, Art Workshops, Project Management Fundamental

  • Experience Core: Internships, Mentorships, Community Service Opportunities

Pathway To Success Daily Schedule

DayTimeCore (6 Months)Technology (4-6 week courses)
Monday4:00 - 4:50PMTutoringTyping
Monday5:00 - 5:50PMScience Junior
Monday6:00 - 6:50PMMath TeensMS Word
Monday7:00 - 7:50PM-PowerPoint
Tuesday4:00 - 5:00PMTutoring-
Tuesday5:00 - 5:50PMLanguage Arts JuniorComputer Fundamentals
Tuesday6:00 - 6:50PMBiology High School
Tuesday7:00 - 7:50PM-
Wednesday4:00 - 4:50PMTutoring-
Wednesday5:00 - 5:50PMMath JuniorWeb Design
Wednesday6:00 - 6:50PMChemistry High School
Wednesday7:00 - 7:50PM--
Thursday4:00 - 5:00PMTutoring-
Thursday5:00 - 5:50PM-Game Programming
Thursday6:00 - 6:50PMLanguage Arts
High School
Thursday7:00 - 7:50PM
Friday4:00 - 4:50PMTutoring-
Friday5:00 - 5:50PM-MS Excel
Friday6:00 - 6:50PM-
Friday7:00 - 7:50PM--
Saturday1:00 - 3:00PMEnrichment Workshop
Everyday4:00 - 4:50PMTutoring
Thursday6:00 - 7:00PMTutoring High School

Junior Pathway To Success
4th-8th Grade $599

Begin Today!

High School Path To Success
9th-12th Grade $799

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