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Futurelink online clubs offer innovative approaches to traditional book clubs and STEAM clubs.  Club experiences are carefully designed to develop fundamental and advanced skills, challenge members to investigate diverse subjects, and provide applicable knowledge.  

Futurelink’s virtual Book Club embraces the idea that reading is essential for success in any field. It encourages imaginative thought, reading comprehension, and critical engagement as essential tools for creating life-long learners and innovators. Students will be engaged, entertained, and challenged in each session to critically reflect, create, participate, and debate.  Each book will develop new knowledge and skills by exposing participants to themes and subjects related to STEAM.

Futurelink’s “Journaling Exploration” virtual STEAM Club develops students' intellectual, artistic, and practical skills in an integrated manner. With cultivation of imagination and creativity as the central focus, our students will engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, through an experiential learning approach that is aimed at students’ innate admiration for life. Students will innovate, collaborate, and problem solve while participating in hands-on STEAM projects with our STEAM Coaches and other students.