Membership Bundles

ServicesTrial BundleFuturelink Deluxe Membership (Per Person)Futurelink Prime Membership (Per Person)Family Membership (Up to 2 adults & 2 Children)
STEMZone Passess Per/Month (ages 7-17)24810
Computer Lab Access (All Ages) per/month1 hour10 hours20 hours25 hours
Courses Discounts (all ages)Not includedNot included10%Not included
Priority Enrolment (all ages)Not includedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Exclusive WorkshopsNot included10% off15%Not included
Level 1 Course (up to $125)Not includedNot included1 included10% discount
GameZone Passes (Playstation/Xbox) per/month2 Hours4 Hours15 Hours20 Hours
Virtual Reality Experience Passes (15 min per pass)1 session2 sessions4 sessions8 sessions
Game Room Party Package Priority ReservationNot includedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Game Room Party DiscountNot included10%20%15%
Pricing$49.99$89.99 per/month$179.99 per/month$199 per/month
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