Futurelink, in collaboration with iFusion Foundation and City of Corona, is excited to launch this amazing certification program to acknowledge students for their achievements and involvement in STEAM related activities and innovation. We invite students ages 10-14 to join our Junior STEAM Certification Program. Successful applicants gain lifelong access to exclusive educational opportunities, an award in recognition of their successful completion of the certificate, and an opportunity to present their project in front of city officials at City Hall.

Build Necessary Skill & Knowledge Foundation

To prepare for the final innovation project, students will take part in hands-on learning during the first 5 months to understand Science, Technology, and Engineering, Arts & Math concepts. Moreover, students will extensively work in groups to build collaboration and team building skills. Our inquiry-based learning approach will help them strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Learn from Our STEAM Expert Coaches

Students will work with our skilled STEAM experts/coaches throughout the program. Our coaches not only mentor students but also challenge them to find their full potential through individualized instruction and one-on-one coaching.

Solve Real Word Problems

At the end of the program, students will work on a project to solve a real world problem with the help of the STEAM coaches.  Coaches will guide students through the completion of the project.



Program Duration:         6 months

Activity Time:                1.5 hours/ week

Program Times:             Sat:2-3:30 PM


Program Cost :         $120 per month/per person

Sibling discount:      $10 off per month for each sibling

    Program Requirements

  • A participant must be between the ages of 10-14 years.

  • Application must be filled out before the deadline.

  • Finish all the required activities to qualify for the
    capstone project at the end of the program.

  • Adhere to all the rules & policies listed in the application.

    Program Benefits

  • Certificate of accomplishment.

  • Special recognition from Futurelink and City of Corona.

  • Opportunity to present your innovation in front of city officials.

  • Build portfolio to showcase your skills and accomplishments.

  • Feel proud & increase confidence with your achievement.

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