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Our girl scout activities encourage young girls to use the power of  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education and apply it to the world around them. We offer many fun and educational activities that allow Girl Scouts of all ages to earn various badges. Our enthusiastic STEAM Coaches are subject experts who work collaboratively to prepare each activity. Our activities are designed to encourage teamwork and learning in a fun and interactive way. Through integrated learning experiences, our mission is to transform our students into critical thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers.

We take the “distance” out of distance learning with live and engaging instructor-led online training that is exciting for Girl Scouts of all ages: Daisies - Ambassadors.


Empowering girls through STEAM!

Activities we offer to Earn badges:



  • Eco Learner

  • Use Resources Wisely

  • Space Science 

  • Space Science Explorer

  • Space Science Investigator

  • Space Science Researcher 

  • Science of Happiness 

  • Voice For Animals

  • Science of Water

  • Detective

  • Staying Fit

  • Eating for You

  • Household Elf

  • Flowers

  • Mastery


  • Coding for Good 1

  • Coding for Good 2

  • Coding for Good 3

  • Cybersecurity 1

  • Cybersecurity 2

  • Cybersecurity 3

  • Computer Expert

  • Website Designer

  • Netiquette

  • Research & Development


  • Mechanical Engineering: Fling Flyer

  • Mechanical Engineering: Paddle Boat

  • Mechanical Engineering: Crane

  • Mechanical Engineering: Balloon Car


  • Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

  • Considerate and Caring

  • Courageous and Strong

  • Friendly and Helpful

  • Honest and Fair

  • Make the World a Better Place

  • Respect Authority 

  • Respect Myself and Others 

  • Responsible For What I Say and Do

  • Making Choices

  • Dancer

  • My Best Self

  • Inventor Badge

  • Making Games

  • Painting

  • Business Owner

  • Drawing

  • Scribe

  • Comic Artist

  • Screenwriter 

  • Collage Artist

  • Novelist


  • Count It Up

  • Money Counts

  • Budgeting

  • Comparison Shopping

  • Financing My Dreams

  • Financing My Future

  • Personal Finance: Good Credit

  • On My Own: Budgeting for Independence

  • Savvy Shopper

  • Buying Power


    Grades K - 1

    Our fun and engaging badge activities for Daisies introduce young girls to the concepts of STEAM and gets them excited about asking questions and finding creative solutions.

    Starting from:



    Grades 2 - 3

    Our interactive badge activities for Brownies teach young girls to acknowledge the power of STEAM and encourages them to apply it to the world around them.

    Starting from:



    Grades 4 - 5

    Our diverse set of Junior badge activities use the values of STEAM to transform young girls into critical thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers.

    Starting from:



    Grades 6 - 8

    Our enriching badge activities for Cadettes encourage young girls to think outside of the box to create solutions for real world problems.

    Starting from:



    Grades 9 - 10

    Our STEAM centered badge activities for Seniors prepare teen girls to be prepared for the everchanging world around them.

    Starting from:



    Grades 11 - 12

    Our stimulating ambassador badge activities prepare young women to be future leaders in STEAM.

    Starting from:



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