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We are proud to introduce Futurelink’s Industry Exploration program. This program is developed to provide young adults as well as career-changers with life skills, career education, soft skills, leadership skills, and entrepreneur skills they need to succeed in the modern workforce. Participants will have the opportunity and the needed foundation to successfully start their career in any industry. This program will prepare, train, and mentor participants to work on a real world project in the industry of their choice (*depending on current program availability) and help them with their overall success in life.

The purpose of this program is to provide young adults and career-changers with real world experience to prepare them to become responsible and productive members of the modern workforce. Participants will prepare themselves with skills that are not taught in schools, but are essential to industry. As a result of this program, participants will get needed knowledge and gain the skills and confidence they need to pursue their interests and career-goals.

Program Benefit for Participant

  • Blend of internship and on the job training.

  • Get trained and mentored by industry experts.

  • Work on real word industry projects.

  • Gain self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Develop real life skills through industry projects.

  • Improve skills that will required to be successful in the modern workforce.

Program Benefit For Industry

  • Access to the pool of skilled workforce.

  • Trained individual that can start working on the given projects right away.

  • Customized training and mentorship for youth based on your needs and requirements.

  • Provide a platform that allows youth to explore the industry.

Participant: If you are ready to explore the industry to gain real world experience, please email us your resume & letter of explanation on why you are the best candidate for the program.

Industry: If you are looking for trained staff with specific industry skills, we will prepare, train & mentor the right candidate for you so you can focus on business productivity instead of focusing on preparing your staff with needed industry skills.