If answer to any of the above question is “YES” then you might want to consider getting a help of a career coach.

Career coaching for career development has been growing demand in today’s time because of the uncertain and  fluid job market. Either you are just starting a career or changing a career, understanding job market trends, finding a right job, going through the entire job application journey and creating your tailored career path, can sometimes be very daunting and frustrating. 

Having a career coach working with you every step of the way will not only lift up that stress from your shoulder, but also it will shorten the path of your job search journey and achieving the success in landing your dream job.   

  • Are you starting your career?

  • Have you applied to multiple job without success?

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current job and desire to change the job?

  • Do you want to switch career industry?

  • Are you feeling stuck in your current career and looking for the boost?

How do our workshops work?

Our online workshops meet multiple times over one or more weeks. Workshops are generally 2-4 hours in length. As each session is focused on specific area, our workshops will give individuals the basic tools to begin their understanding about specific area of improvement. May it be a career development or business productivity, our passionate coaches will work closely with you to personalize your career development path that helps you achieve the results you are looking for.

Why should I take a workshop?

We recognize learning as a continuous process for everyone who wants to take a next step any time in the life. Career workshops will empower you to understand your strengths, establish realistic goals, find a right solution, and develop a personalized plan for the challenge your are  currently facing. We are confident that you will accelerate your career goal timeline using tools, techniques and methodologies you learn during the coaching session. 

How do I get started?

Browse our workshops, pick the one that  you feel fits with your need and register. In order to provide flexible learning options across North America, our workshops are offered at various times throughout the month and have multiple recurring options. Once you have completed your purchase, one of our staff members will contact you in order to review the best schedule options for the initial session.


  • You will work directly with career coaches that have extensive knowledge working in multiple industries at the C-level positions & as hiring managers.

  • You will be mentored by passionate coaches that will help you carve out a successful career path and bringing fruitful outcome for you.

  • A industry-focused mentoring and coaching session that have proven history to increase individual value and shorten the job search journey for both accomplished professionals and those who are new in their careers or not highly compensated.

  • A result-oriented, personalized mentoring approach to carve out a successful career path.

  • Build a confidence for every step of your job search journey.


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