STEM PlayZone

STEM PlayZone is a perfect combination of education and fun for kids. This one of a kind hi-tech play area for the kids that will mainly focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related fun activities.
In this area, students will have an opportunity to learn, explore, and experiment with cutting edge technology, gadgets and hi-tech toys.  Young visitors will also have a chance to understand the STEM concept while having fun with these hi-tech toys and gadgets.

At this one of a kind, cutting edge STEM PlayZone, all the activities and demonstrations will run an hour long where visitors will first learn about the technology or the STEM concept and then have a chance to experiment or experience the technology.
There will be free play area where visitors who do not want to participate in the demonstration will have a chance have fun with hi-tech STEM educational toys, new gadgets or new technology under supervision.

Visitors are required to have STEM PlayZone hourly passes or STEM PLayZone Club memberships to enjoy our one of a kind hi-tech STEM PlayZone.

Please visit our STEM PLAYZONE PASSES page to purchase your hourly passes.


Please visit our STEM PLAYZONE CLUB MEMBERSHIP page to purchase your membership.

Demonstration Activities:

  • Explore the world of virtual reality (VR)
  • Learn about 3D printing and 3D objects
  • Overview of Robotic engineering
  • Learn the power of Video Conferencing
  • What is a drone technology?
  • Learn about engraving technology
  • Lets compose the music
  • Hi-tech toy demonstration