About STEM PlayZone


In today’s technology/STEM focused world, Futurelink is always in search for innovative ideas to bridge the gap between education and industry to prepare our youth for the future.

Futurelink’s STEM PlayZone is a ground-breaking all-in-one innovation that links education and fun together while inspiring our youth for the success in the future with a safe, structured and healthy environment. This one of a kind unique indoor PlayZone is created for members to explore and experience STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts with interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities, games and hi-tech STEM toys. Moreover, our live interactive demonstrations about new and emerging technology and fun activities with STEM toys will not only get younger members excited, but they will also help them understand STEM principles while exploring and experiencing these new trends in the industry.

Get your STEM Playzone Club hourly passes or STEM PlayZone club membership today  to empower & prepare your child  for the future with STEM!!!

NOTE: Visitors are required to have STEM PlayZone hourly passes or STEM PLayZone Club memberships to enjoy our one of a kind hi-tech STEM PlayZone.  Due to the capacity requirement, we request all visitors to make reservation for specific timeslot in advance to secure the spot. Please visit our Rules and Policies pages for further information.