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Quality distance learning is a unique approach designed by Futurelink that leverages multiple learning styles and approaches to create an engaging, enriching and educational environment that bridges the gap many students face with distance learning. 

At Futurelink, we transform students into critical thinkers, problem solvers, & innovators. Through our exceptionally trained staff, services, and content, students develop a diverse set of skills that will make them uniquely capable of success in school, college, business, and life.  


Our programs provide children, teens, and adults with a constantly growing portfolio of subjects, disciplines, skills, and tools that are founded on curiosity-driven, immersive learning that leads to innovation.  We fire up the imagination, stimulate learning, connect inquisitive minds, and apply hands-on STEAM learning in ways that keep students engaged, invigorated, and inspired.

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We provide courses, enrichment classes, summer camps, tutoring and girls scout activities that develop basic and advanced skills, investigate interesting subjects, and provide applicable knowledge based on STEAM.  Unlike traditional classes where these subjects are kept in isolation, Futurelink is dedicated to integrating learning to transform our students into critical thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers.



Students are encouraged to ask questions and find creative solutions to problems. We offer a solution to the difficulties that parents may encounter with students moving to online schooling. 

Thuy D.

I have no time to help my daughter with schoolwork. My daughter came here a year ago. Her grades have improved tremendously. The staff are patient with her and she likes going to Futurelink. The staff are experienced with all subjects.

ReAnna A.

My experience with Futurelink was nothing short of awesome! I needed some help with computer basics, so I signed up for one on one sessions. Carolina was great at explaining things in a way I was able to understand as well as extremely patient with my incessant questions. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to expand their knowledge with technology. 

Lisa B.

If you want your child to be stimulated, challenged and grow in STEM concepts, you should definitely try Futurelink.  My son has been going here for a number of years and he really enjoys it. Motivated instructors who really seem to have a passion for the work and their students.



iFusionFoundation is a non-profit 501(3)(C) organization committed to helping our community and world during the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. iFusionFoundation has financially supported many community programs including providing learning vouchers to Temescal Valley Elementary, career training, computer donations, and Jr. STEAM Certification Program.  To support these initiatives, and to continue to provide technology, health, and educational resources to those in need, we need your support. Please donate today, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 



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